Nah the red lipstick confuse our Bubu – Netizens react as the Buhari expresses shock over the outfit of a National Award recipient 


As Olubi came forward to receive his award, his outfit and appearance caused president Buhari to fix his gaze on him in a very funny way

The facial expression of President Muhammad Buhari during the presentation of the National Awards to one of its recipients, got Netizens talking.

Ezra Olubi, the co-founder of paystack received the OON award (Order Of The Niger) at the 2022 National Honors ceremony held on Tuesday, 11th October 2022.

As Olubi came forward to receive his award, his outfit and appearance caused president Buhari to fix his gaze on him in a very funny way.

The short video of the incident is currently trending online and got Netizens talking.

Some reactions culled below:

@doyfab E suppose to shock him o. Cos even me a youth is shocked

@_neitalee: Bubu is traumatized

@aniveraaaaa: This guy is more important than buhari…make e continue to dey shock..Mr electric shock.

@iameleduma Finally We Don get person Wey Shock Buhari As Buhari Shock over the years

@flamezyofficial_ If he come meet “Hey Dwolling” Nko?

@baby_on_icee: Nigerians will always show you their true colors regardless of who you are abi presido don Dey fall in love

@bitcoinchief: Lol e reach to

@mc_ichie: Na wetin fit Buhari…The guy for even wear skirt and blouse

@kv_by_kelvin: Lmaoooooooo. Jokes aside I truly do believe there’s a look for different type of event. And this outfit ain’t the one for this type of event. If you re going to hang with friends, yes but going to meet a president ((even though don’t care for this particular one) is still not right. Dress appropriately!

@emekaemerald: He is thinking of withdrawing the award

@mz_barbss: I think it’s the lipstick because the attire is not so bad..

@kv_by_kelvin: And he has red lippy on, painted nails. Personally I’m all for living your truth but also know your environment whilst at it. You know buhari disposition about this type of look yet you went in your full glory to shake him. If he order them to arrest you now.

@bezaleel: Once again President Buhari expresses shock

@lucci_okoye: When you don’t even know the recipient you are adding to the list but na the money wey the company dey generate dey enter your eyes

@aleezahsskincare: I think it was the red lipstick that confused our presido.

@wasehembadoon: now I will definitely have that look too no cap, everyone has the right to dress the way they want but walahi every occasion get dress code, this particular one fit Nollywood gathering, but receiving an award and the president for that matter, let’s forget say plenty people no dev reason am like that, but this gabadin no follow.

@oge: Buhari see Wetin pass am! the guy sha na werey , he even wore lipstick and nails join!

@zikkhaleesi: Na the lipstick and nail polish shock baba


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