If you have to do a sex video to show you are straight, it could be that you weren’t…- Bisi Alimi slams James Brown


Gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi, has seemingly reacted to the leaked sex tape of crossdresser, James Brown.

In a post shared online, Bisi pointed out that if one has to do a sex tape just to prove they are straight, then it could be that the person isn’t straight.

Just when Nigerians thought they were done with the issue of s3xtape which was centered around Nigerian Entertainers, Tiwa Savage, Oxlade and Buju in recent years, James Brown is in the news for the same reason

Yesterday, there was an uproar after a video of the crossdresser, who was widely thought by netizens to be attracted to males, having a coitus with a woman leaked.

Social media users had taken to various platforms to call him out for his duplicity.

Reacting to this, James Brown queried whether they don’t know he’s man enough to make love to a woman.

He dared his critics by asking them to bring their sisters and girlfriends to find out if they don’t believe his virility.


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