Rapper Ikechukwu calls out Nigerian Police, accuses them of corruption 


Rapper cum actor, Ikechukwu Onunaku has taken a swipe at men of the Nigerian Police, accusing them of the highest level of corruption.

Ikechukwu went on to note that consequent on the attempt on his life in 2019 by these men, he has come to realise that there’s a need for firing, re-hiring, re-training and re-vetting policemen.

The ‘Little Black Book’ star added that the whole process of revamping the Nigerian Police should come with a better standard of living for these men but all in all, the present police force is almost corrupt in its entirety.

In an Instagram post, Ikechukwu noted that in most cases, these uniformed men tasked with protecting citizens are the ones citizens actually need protecting from.


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