Stop oppressing us, we’re not your problem- Mr Macaroni tells Nigerian Police


Debo Adebayo better known as Mr Macaroni, Skitmaker, content creator and activist, has called out the Nigerian police for oppressing citizens.

The Macaroni went to his Twitter page to vent out over their constant maltreatment of citizens.

He noted how there is a Nigerian police online and offline.

The activist pointed out how the citizens are not their enemies.

“There is Nigerian Police Online and There is Nigerian Police Offline. But at the end of the day, Police na Still Police. Dear Nigerian Police, the Poeples are not your enemies!!! Stop oppressing us”.

In another news, Mr Macaroni had cried out over several threats to his life for not supporting a ‘particular presidential candidate’.

The skit maker who earlier stated that he will continue to speak against injustice and oppression in Nigeria took to Twitter to pen down a lengthy note about some threats he had received for not drumming his support for a particular presidential candidate, whose identity he refused to disclose.

Narrating his most recent ordeal, Mr Macaroni revealed that he had received different threats including cyber bullying via different online attacks and tribal propaganda, from some party members and supporters of the certain presidential candidate because they feel he is against their choice.

He wrote:

”I went to visit my mother 2 weeks ago. I was giving out money to some people in the neighborhood as I always do anytime I go home. A woman walked up to me and asked why I am against a particular candidate.. I said I am not against anyone. All I want is for a better country.

And that can only happen when we vote in good leaders. The next thing she said is that I should better watch myself because they know where my people live. I asked if that was a threat and she continued saying all sorts. My sister and manager were with me and I have a video! Read more.


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