Reasons Why Fathers Do Not Get Any Credit From Their Woke Social Media Kids-Man Shares


A Nigerian social media personality has taken to the platform to explain why fathers are mostly not appreciated by their children despite their efforts and provisions for them.

According to him, a man would work very hard to make ends meet at home. Give out some of his earnings to his wife to cater for the home, food and other domestic expenses and provide for the children.

However, should in any case the father is unable to help the children entirely and the mother jumps in to assist with the money from the money her husband gave her, the children presume that the father does not care about them.

He added that this has hindered so many fathers from being credited by their woke social media kids despite their efforts to be a provider in the family.

He said that mothers have always been showered with the praises and love from their children because they are always present and always jump in to comfort their children.

See the screenshot of his tweet below:

In other news, a video has been sighted on social media that captures the moments a Nigerian lady revealed the most bizarre thing she found out about her boyfriend after dating him for four years.

According to the lady, she has been dating her boyfriend for four years and I’ve never received even N10k from him before ever since they started their relationship.

However, she recently checked his phone only to find out that her boyfriend has sent N50k to another lady believed to be his side chic for frontals.

“I have been dating my boyfriend for 4 years now. I’ve never collected 10k cash from him before. I checked his phone yesterday and he gave a lady 50k for frontal”, she wrote in her video.


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