‘My Butt Has Fans’ – Warri Pikin Tells Husband After He Refused To Notice, Touch Her Stark N@k€d Body


Anita Asuoha, also known as Warri Pikin, is a well-known Nigerian stand-up comedian who has criticized her spouse for failing to notice, comment on, or touch her body when she walked before him unclad.

According to  Warri Pikin who angrily took to Instagram to call out her husband for his attitude toward her body every woman feels wonderful when their spouse notices their sensuality in nud!ty.

Warri Pikin said that a marriage is the worst “see finish” that can happen to anyone in the video she titled “see finish.”

Warri Pikin claimed that despite walking past her husband, Ikechukwu, completely naked and flashing her well-endowed figure, he failed to see her. When she questioned him, he responded that his head was full.

The comedian was incensed by his response and questioned whether a man’s head would be that big that he would not see a well-endowed buttocks or breast.

Warri Pikin continued to complain, claiming that people in her comment section often look forward to seeing her flip her body over to reveal her behind.

‘People go dey comment, turn round turn round my nyash get fans on e own’, she emphasised.

Warri Pikin concluded by advising that it will be preferable to sleep with two to three jeans on so that when he is ready to touch her, he won’t have to worry about removing each pair of jeans one at a time.


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