19-Yr-Old Boy Sparks Mixed Reactions As He Flaunts His 71-Yr-Old Lover


A 19-year-old Nigeria teenager yet-to-be-identified has raised eyebrows on social media after flaunting his 71-year-old gay lover in a latest video.

In the video, the young man was seen in a all-loved up video recounting some of the wonderful memories he has shared with his lover in previous times.

They seemed to have shared a lot of memories to a point where he almost shared a passionate kiss with him in the video.

The video has since sparked mixed reactions on social media as many concluded that the old man is just his biological father given the chemistry between them. However, a few opposed saying that the two might be lovers.

In other news, a yet-to-be-identified young man has been apprehended by some residents in Edo State after he was spotted stealing ladies’ underwear in the some areas in the state.

According to the narrator in the viral video making rounds on social media, the young man was contracted by some Yahoo boys to steal the panties of ladies and bring it to them for N500,000.

The narrator said that the yet-to-be-identified Yahoo boys have already given him N200,000 of the money they promised him and have promised to give him the remaining N300,000 after completing the mission.

Unfortunately, his luck eluded him as he was caught by some residents while he was executing the task.


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