I use internet 24/7; I spend 10k daily on data – Influencer, Papaya Ex laments on the cost of data


Abike Arab, Popular social media influencer, Money aka Papaya Ex has left Netizens shocked after revealing how much she spends daily on data.

She took to her social media page to lament how she had to spend N50k on data and remarked, wistfully, how she misses days 1GB data used to last a month.

She explained how fast the data she buys finishes as daylight robbery.

Netizens have however expressed doubts about the truthfulness of her claim as some accused her of trying to chase clout.

Reacting to the backlash, she explained that she uses internet every single hour of everyday to work.

In her words;

”I can’t do this anymore 😢 I give up. 50k data in a week?? I miss days we use 1GB in a month please. What’s this daylight robbery 😭😭help!’‘

”Lmaoo. Because I didn’t say 50k in 5 days? Mtchew. I use 10k every single day. I use internet 24/7, how much do you expect me to use😂 2k? Please please, y’all act ignorant blindly everytime on this app. Who doesn’t know 100k is the new 10k lately. Kmt abeg!”


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