“You Are A Very Stup1d Boy”- Drama as Amaka, Phyna, Bryann, and Khalid engage in heated argument [Video]


Big brother naija season 7 housemates, Phyna and Bryann who are currently fans favourite, got into a very heated argument few minutes ago.

Apparently the housemates were preparing for their wager task and Phyna said she doesn’t want to be a part of it because she is not in the mood {maybe eviction phobia}

However, Bryan was not having it, he said it’s a collective task as everyone is needed for the wager presentation.

Next thing, they got into a very heated argument, with insults thrown at each other.

Phyna, who was on a towel lambasted Bryann for calling her input as stupid which triggered the former to call the other names.

“You are a stupid boy; there’s nothing in your head; useless entity,” she cried out.

Amaka, however, swung into the heat of the argument to back Phyna as the other housemates get involved in the disagreement.

Khalid followed Amaka to the bathroom to continue the discussion which escalated into another disagreement between them.


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