Why My Husband Ran Away – Korra Obidi Rants, Reveals How People Destroyed Her First Marriage


Dancer and all-around entertainer Korra Obidi has resorted to Instagram to scream about how jealous people damaged her once-happy marriage months after it ended.

American therapist Justin Dean, who is the spouse of Nigerian dancer and musician Korra Obidi, announced that his union with the celebrity had ended.

Justin Dean said on his Instagram page that he had filed for divorce from the dancer because he couldn’t stand by while she was tormented.

Dean claimed that he gave up trying to save the marriage after giving it his all.

Especially considering that he had supported and loved her with all of his heart, he revealed how heartbroken and unhappy he was over the occurrence.

Breaking down, Justin Dean said that the treatment he received was unfair.

Korra Obidi recently vented on Instagram about how disclosing her romance online caused it to end.

She claimed that “jealous goats” on social media started spreading false information about her on her spouse, causing him to flee the house.

According to Korra, her husband used to receive letters from unknown parties complaining about what she was doing wrong.

‘How will he not run away how will he not disappear, how will he not tell me to pack out of his house 5 days post partum’, she lamented.

In order to prevent them from ruining it like they did her first marriage, she reaffirmed that if she has another boyfriend, she will never divulge him to the world.

Watch the video below;


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