They’re Diamonds Not Gems – Burna Boy Corrects White Lady During Interview- Watch


There is no disputing the fact that Nigerian Afrobeat artist, Burna Boy is a talented musician. 

However, some cyber folks perceive him as arrogant and has a greater ego than everyone else in the business.

When he conducted an interview with British comedian and content producer Amelia Dimoldenberg, aka Amelia Dimz of Chicken store date, he briefly found himself in that zone.

Amelia made a remark on the Nigerian singer’s appearance before the interview began, saying that he is more attractive without his glasses.

In essence, she added that he appreciates the stones on his teeth.

To show her that he’s a big boy who goes for the real deal, Burna Boy interjected and said that they are diamonds rather than gems.

“I love your gems, the gems in your teeth”, Amelia had said to which Burna Boy said, “They are not gems, they are diamonds.

However, Burna Boy retorted that these are diamonds and not jewels. She instantly expressed her regret for her “error.”


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