Korra Obidi Has Learned Her Lessons – Vows Never To Put Her Relationship Online Again


It appears dancer Korra Obidi has learned her lessons after her marriage with Justin Dean was crushed as she vows never to put her relationship online again.

Korra Obidi is still going back and forth with her estranged husband Justin Dean as they prepare to go through their divorce process and based on all that she has been through on social media, we guess she has already learned her lesson.

According to her in this video, in case she finds love again and goes into a new relationship, she will never put it on social media as she did with her marriage so that the witches online won’t destroy it with their criticism and backlash because of things she does.

From the video, it appears Korra Obidi is blaming her marriage crush on the fact that people were saying things that her husband didn’t like based on what she was posting hence will never do that again if she finds love again and goes into a relationship.


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