Halima Abubakar Dirties Bobrisky For Taking Her Side In Deep Secret Exposè


Popular Nigerian actress Halima Abubakar has dirtied crossdresser Bobrisky for poking his nose where it wasn’t needed.

Bobrisky and Halima Abubakar used to be best of friends until they parted ways. The two do not cease to throw shades at each other on social media.

A lot of social media users express shock after Bobrisky jumped to the defense of Halima Abubakar. He wrote,”

 “Gistlover you are dumb!!! So as you have posted Halima gist now what has happened. You are evil… Just because you want people to believe all you post you went as far as posting and publishing private convo in public damn. Now I see why you will remain a ghost forever. Did Halima offend you? Why did you do this to her Now those of you following gistlover don’t just laugh over gist lover post. Pls also learn never to trust no one on earth again”.

” I’m not Halima’s friend and I will never be her friend but Halima should have who she had that conversation with, let her go and write a petition ASAP!!! That person fat spends upcoming Christmas in jail ASAP!! I’m so upset damn. Fear human O”.

Reacting to Bobrisky’s post, Halima said;” Bobrisky don’t forget you indulged me when I was sick and called me names. Keep me out of ur silly games. You mocked me bf. Don’t write about me ever again… I hate you bob risky”.


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