Osun Governor-Elect, Ademola Adeleke Speaks Igbo Flawlessly In Viral Video


In a recent interview with BBC News Igbo, he spoke about his victory and his intentions for the state of Osun in Igbo.

Igbo was used by Senator Adeleke to communicate with the interviewer, and he hardly used any English.

He expressed gratitude to the crowd for its support and pledged to serve the populace properly. The newly elected governor acknowledged how challenging the contest was.

His mother, who is from the state of Abia, is supposed to have taught him the Igbo language.

Watch video below;

Wait! What? Wow! 😳😳😁 pic.twitter.com/jRkZ8OI7wG

— Mighty Mohammed (@The__Vyrus) July 22, 2022


QuertyGandulf wrote; The Yoruba Governor from Osun state spoke fluent Igbo and the Igbo boy on Twitter exclaims in Yoruba. …and we’re all members of Nigeria the beatiful country.

King Divine had this to say: His mom is Igbo and he was born in Enugu

Mazi commented; Wow 😯 that’s awesome and great


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