Man Shares Number Of Bags His Girlfriend Brought To His Place Just To Spend The Weekend


A South African man is welcoming his girlfriend for the weekend, but he’s not sure if she’ll be staying longer based on the fashion she entered his flat.

Even though she claimed it was only for the weekend, he used the microblogging site Twitter to share a picture of the amount of luggage she brought.

Three full-packed boxes and two sizable disposable cellophane bags were among the personal items she brought to his home.

The image’s caption was written by the user @masekooscar;

”My girlfriend is visiting me for a weekend Guys.”

When internet users started to express their opinions, many argued that he needs to understand that she won’t be leaving after the weekend.

In response, he wrote; ”I will ask her my brother, on Sunday.”

Read some of the comments..

@JollyHaute; Let me break it down to you bhuti, SHE’S MOVED IN!! She ain’t going nowhere anytime soon with that kinda luggage

@iamthobani; Don’t worry, normally they pack like that since they get confused when it come to choosing clothes to wear.

@ThobelaniZwane; Ahh she’s not visiting my brother. She’s moving in.

@BryanZither; Yeah, she probably avoiding bringing clothes along when she come visit again so she making it easier by bring most of her clothes.

@Just_Gundy; Her extended family members will probably also join you guys.


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