Peter Okoye Slams Nigerians Who Allow Politicians Loot Money And Play Entitlement On Celebrities Money


Singer Peter Okoye has slammed Nigerians who allow politicians to loot money and play entitlement on celebrity money saying they are mad as he advises them.

Peter Okoye replying to a follower who compared him to Mane saying he can do much better made it clear that things don’t work that way as the person in question is a close friend whom he congratulated a few days ago on his move to Bayern Munich.

He then added that citizens vote for looters, hype them and collect crumbs then a few months later they will be online looking for any celebrity that will do a giveaway and if they don’t get then they label the celebrity as stingy but forgets these looters they voted for are accountable to them.

Peter Okoye then stated the hard truth that they are in a country where citizens allow politicians to loot money and play entitlement on celebrities and individuals’ hard-earned money and that’s something they won’t do again.


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