Human Rights Lawyer Speaks on Reason for Dressing to Court as a Priest


Malcolm Omoirhobo, a human rights attorney, has gained internet fame after appearing before the Supreme Court in a priest’s robe.

Because Malcolm attended proceedings at the Apex court dressed as an African traditional worshipper, pictures of him went viral on the internet.

The attorney explained that his clothing choice was a statement of his fundamental human rights as outlined by a recent Supreme Court decision that allows all Nigerians to practice their religion openly and to wear a hijab in public settings like schools.

On Friday, June 17, 2022, the Supreme Court issued its ruling in an appeal brought by the Lagos State Government, upholding the earlier decision of the Court of Appeal that the hijab ban discriminated against Muslim students in the state.

In his words,

“I am very grateful to the Supreme Court just last week Friday they made a very resounding decision that promotes Section 38 of the constitution. That is our right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion.

“That we are free to express our way of worship in our schools and in our courts. That decision was reached on Friday and that has encouraged me.

“Because I am a traditionalist and this is the way I worship. Based on the decision of the Supreme Court this is how I will be dressing henceforth in court because I am a strong adherent to ‘Olokun’, the god of rivers,” he added.


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