Spiritualist Seen Performing Ritual For Two Young Men Bathing In The Middle Of A Busy Road


Four young males were filmed allegedly bathing in public whilst a spiritualist perform money rituals on them.

In the now-viral footage, the unidentified boys could be seen taking a bath on the side of the road as the traditionalist muttered incantations.

During the supposed money ritual, the spiritualist believed to be an Alfa clutched an unknown thing in his hand whilst he performs what he is mandated to do.

While the youngmen were bathing with their clothes suspected to be money rituals, locals gathered in shock to observe the bizarre spectacle.

Meanwhile, Nkechi Blessing, has taken to social media to blow her own trumpet as she has suggested that she is real wife material.

Following her breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Opeyemi Falegan, Nkechi Blessing appears to have found love again, with an unnamed man showering her with gifts and even putting her on a one million naira monthly stipend.

The single mother of one celebrity resorted to her Instagram page to show off all of her talents.

Nkechi Blessing characterized herself as a full-option girl that knows how to cook, clean and is good in the bedroom while posting a video of what appears to be a pot of soup on her Instagram story.


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