Pregnant Lady Confesses To Stealing To Abort Her Baby [VIDEO]


A young lady was nabbed after she allegedly stole money and used it to pay for medical bills as she performed an abortion on herself.

The lady who is in her early twenties confessed to her accusers for stealing the money to abort her baby.

The video has sparked uproar on social media as many slammed her for opening her legs for an irresponsible guy to eat and impregnate her.

itobiloba wrote; This is really sad. Resist unprotected s#x if you’re not ready to be a parent. Now, the use!ess guy who impregnated her is probably watching this vid. 😢

reyoxtechnology wrote; Please girls know the kind of guys you open your leg for if not, they’ll just destroy or slower your carrier. Because some guys are not responsible 😢

aniscooser; You want to be called daddy until they tell you I am pregnant. That’s where you draw the line…. God of mercy 😢😢 hunger have made thousands do many many things

See more reactiond below;

chiefsweetus; How some LADIES allow unprotected intimacy with someone that is not ther husband still baffles me. Although socially and morally wrong, but never encourage a person to keep a pregnancy they cannot cater for. Meanwhile who is your baby daddy?

hernesy; Make this never be me🥲 with this pull and pray method wey i dey practice so😂 What happened to the guy who got her pregnant my Gender hmmmmmm😢😢😢😢


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