I Wasn’t Kidnapped, I Took Myself Into The Bush And Starved Myself For Four Days— Ameerah Reveals


Ameerah Sufyan, a woman, reportedly went missing on June 14th, 2022, and posted a plea for help on her Twitter account.

On June 14th, 2022, she disclosed in a tweet that she had been kidnapped by criminals under threat of violence and asked anyone with her WhatsApp number to help her share her location because there were 17 other people inside, including three pregnant women and two children who had also been taken.

Many individuals began phoning the police to ask for assistance in finding the woman. She was found after many searches by the Nigerian police, although she denied reports that she had been kidnapped at gunpoint.

In a recent tweet posted on her Twitter account, Ameerah, who came to clarify the air, said she wasn’t kidnapped.

Ameerah expressed regret for her actions to both the general public and the police and she further disclosed that while pleading with people to pray for her, she went into the forest and deprived herself of food for four days.

She Tweeted:

“I intentionally took myself out of our house, went to these locations, entered bushes and dehydrated and starved myself for four days just like that, there was no kidnapping, nothing at all, I truly apologize and please pray for me

I Need it.”

See the tweets below:


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