He Infected Me And Tagged Me A Cheater – Lady Cries Out


Another tale of a woman who revealed how her partner infected her was shared by relationship expert Joro Olumofin.

Due to her boyfriend’s cheating practices, the young woman had cried out after contracting an infection.

She continued by saying that after telling him about the infection, he accused her of cheating on him

She wrote:
“He uses [email protected] as lubricant and now I have an inf€ction and he said I went and chEated or so.

Gd evening Uncle Joro,

Pis anon. My bf has this thing he will use [email protected] as lubricant during s#x, he will huck huge sp!t in his palm 🖐️and use it. He do£snt cut his [email protected] too. He will use that same nails and try to f!ng€r me again. I have told him he won’t hear word.

Sometimes I will be !tching down there or have a green d!scharge. This is someone who doesn’t brush for days he will just rinse his mouth with water and toothpaste but to brush he doesn’t like it. I know I have tried in this relationship, God knows.

Normally the itch!ng will stop but it hasn’t I went to the hospital. For doctor to ask me to do test and said I need to take dr¥gs and my bf need to take dr¥gs too. That’s how my bf change it for me that am the one who gave me something. He is not picking Calls.

My birthday is on Tuesday, is he using this so he won’t spend or what ? Please advice”


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