Don’t Be The Reason Someone Ends It All — Actress Omoni Oboli To Critics


Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli has shared a piece of advice to critics and trolls on social media over their choice of words and abuse on others.

The actress has taken to her social media page to advise those who abuse others with their words or inflict pain on people with their words through social media

According to the actress, social media has become the new platform turning into “real life” where people live their lives and do literally on social media. She is of the opinion that people who abuse others online are like stabbing their victims with a knife. She advised trolls to desist from abusing people if they won’t take a knife to stab their victims in real life.

She has advised everyone to stop damaging people emotionally with their words and in return be okay with abusing people emotionally. She urged everyone to be kind with their words because everyone is literally going through one problem or the other.

“She wrote on her Instagram story, “social media is slowly becoming real-life so darling if you won’t take a knife to stab someone in real life, don’t do it on social media. Be kind with your words. Don’t damage people emotionally just to look cool and have people call you savage! It doesn’t matter how woke you are, meanness will never be cool! Be kind! Everyone is going through stuff! Don’t be the reason someone ends it all…Yes, some people are close”.


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