Man Surprises His Girlfriend With New iPhone 8+ Tucked Inside Soft Bread 


A video is currently trending on social media that captures the moment a young man pulled up the moment bizarre surprise for his girlfriend.

In the video, the young man stated that bread happens to be one of the foods his girlfriend dislikes, hence he decided to tuck in a new iPhone 8+ in the soft bread to surprise her at home.

Upon meeting his girlfriend, he gave her the bread along with a soft drink to go with it but she refused to consume the bread. He then had to force her to consume the bread until she sees the phone in it.

While the lady was reluctantly consuming the bread, she found out that a brand new phone has been placed in the middle of the bread. She then expressed her appreciation to her boyfriend as she gives him a warm hug.

In other news, a Nigerian man has taken to his social media to express his shock after a lady he went on a date with took care of the bills of whatever they consumed on their first date.

According to the man, his card failed to complete the transaction when they were in the restaurant which looked like some sort of embarrassment for him but to his utmost surprise, the lady opted to pay for everything.

He added that his date also chattered Taxify and took him to another joint and bought him a bottle of beer and pepper soup.

He claims to have been living his life in fear because he suspects the lady has an ulterior motive behind her kind gesture. However, the lady told him not to worry about the money she spent on him on their date.


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