‘Entertainers Need Money To Survive’ – Harrysong Speaks On Why Celebrities Support Politicians


Nigerian singer, Harrysong has dropped his two cents on entertainers and social media celebs endorsing politicians ahead of the 2023 presidential elections.

According to Harrysong, entertainers that comprise of actors, actresses, comedians, musicians, skit makers, and others need money to survive hence the reason why they throw their support for a particular politician..

The ‘Reggae Blues hitmaker said, “It is their personal decisions. They should continue doing it if they feel it is good for them. If I feel any person is inspiring enough and will do well for the country, I will campaign for that person. One should not blame entertainers (who support politicians) because the system is messed up and the entertainers need money to survive.”

Harrysong also urged the government to do more to put a stop to the rampant killings in the country.

He said, “The solution to this problem is in the hands of our leaders. They have brainwashed youths from a particular part of the country that Nigeria belongs to them, and that is not true. They need to understand that there are other people that are here to make Nigeria great again.

“When #EndSARS protests happened, the government knew the people who championed the protests and their bank accounts were frozen. In the same vein they can also fish out the criminals behind the insecurity in the nation if they are committed to it. People in positions of authority should sensitise their followers to understand that we need peace and unity for the country to progress.”


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