Sandra Iheuwa’s Ex-husband, Steve Thompson Accused Of Abandoning His Newborn


Steve Thompson, the CEO of Hair Boss and Sandra Iheuwa’s ex-husband, has been accused on social media for neglecting his father duties to his newborn son due to his resentment towards his wife. 

After a tumultuous breakup, the parents severed all contact, turning their hostility to their kid.

Steve Thompson has never openly confirmed or publicized their son’s birth since Sandra Iheuwa gave birth to him in May.

Cutie Julls, the woman who revealed him, questioned how an Igbo father could bear grudges against his own son and refuse to visit him and this is owing to his problems with Sandra Iheuwa.

“Omo, Odogwu hair seller’s shame dey shame me. I just saw a video of the baby and even with his back turned, you can tell from his cheeks and the shape of his head that he is Odogwu’s carbon copy. Fia! How can an Igbo man hold grudges on his own blood refusing to see the innocent baby cuz he has issues with his mama?”.

In other news, actress and skit maker, Monalisa Stephen, has sparked alarm among her friends and fans by writing an unsettling note on social media.

The body-positive actress who prides herself in her plus-sized physique used her Instagram story to reveal a troubling notion that caused her to become upset.

Monalisa Stephen described herself as suicidal in a now-deleted post, with phrases implying her final hours on earth.

“These moments before my departure, I feel more clarity than I have ever felt, finally I will be free. I will be free from the voices, from the pains, and from you”. I can’t stand betrayals. I trust too much and too quickly. This is not what I want but I can’t help it, I am just too weak. So I quit,” she wrote.

See her post below


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