Regina Chukwu Threatens To Beat Her Colleagues Campaigning For Politicians Who Sold Nigeria


Actress Regina Chukwu has issued a stern warning to her colleagues campaigning for these old politicians who sold Nigeria into its current state/government.

It’s getting to the election year and some celebrities are busily campaigning for their favorite politicians hoping to influence their fans into voting them into power next year 2023, Regina Chukwu has given them a stern warning about the people they choose to vote for.

According to her, if you’re a celebrity and she sees you campaigning for any of the old men that sold Nigeria to this present government, she will attack you and that is a promise she’s going to fulfill even if you beat her at the end.

She then added that the greed among these old politicians is enough and the nonsense they’re putting up in the country is enough as it’s about time they look beyond the little token they will receive while campaigning and look ahead to what the future has for them and their generation.

Enough of all this non^ense!
Enough of all the greed
Enough of all your insensitive action towards Nigerians
Yall are only concern abt the token they give you ( I dont care even if it runs in millions, it’s still a misery sum compared to the lives of our people)
Since you people have been collecting this money, what changed has happened to your life???? (Koka,kola no ni) it time to try a different approach.
It’s time to look out for the future of our children
It’s time to get serious for ONCE!
It’s not making any sense!.


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