DJ Neptune Laments Over The Absence Of Immigration Officers At The Nigerian Airport


Nigeria’s DJ Neptune has lamented over the absence of Immigration officers at the Nigerian airport upon his arrival saying the country is in trouble from the top to the bottom.

Just yesterday a Catholic church in Ondo was attacked and unfortunately, some lost their lives with others injured now we get to know that there’s no immigration officer at the airport at 4:15 am to check the passport of all those arriving at that time.

DJ Neptune shared a video of scenes at the airport upon his arrival and there was no single immigration officer to stamp their passport or check if there are illegal migrants among them and that shows the trouble the whole country is in.

Terrorists could arrive in the country and the absence of immigration officers at the airport will only give them a free pass into the country and the poor citizen is the one going to suffer for their attack on the country.

Just arrived into the country “Nigeria” 4:15 AM and there is no Nigerian Immigration officer on duty to stamp our passports. Safe to say there is serious trouble in the land from top to bottom.


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