‘Small Bum Are Still Winning’ – Anita Joseph Reacts To Death Of Lady Who Underwent Plastic Surgery That Took Her Life


Nollywood actress Anita Joseph has weighed in on the trending issue of a lady living in Port Harcourt who died after undergoing a plastic surgery in Lagos.

According to the friend of the deceased @poshcupcake_1, a botched plastic surgery was performed by the Cynosure Aesthetic Plastic Clinic who tried to cover up the death.

She took to social media to cry out for justice after her friend died from bleeding which the clinic claimed was normal to the procedure.

Well, in an Instagram post chanced upon by Ghgossip, Anita Joseph advised young ladies to remain as they are because ‘big bum’ doesn’t determine whether their men will stay with them or not.

She reiterated that ladies who have small bum are still winning and making progress in life last time she checked. She concluded while issuing a warning to ladies not to make gratuitous complications for themselves.

She wrote;

It’s a 50/50 chance it’s all there on the internet go read

Becareful so you don’t cause unnecessary complications for yourselves”


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