Anita Joseph Addresses Ladies About BBL After A Lagos Big Girl Died


Actress Anita Joseph has advised ladies about BBL after a Lagos big girl died as a result of BBL surgery saying ladies with small nyash are still winning so they should be themselves.

A Lagos big girl was reported to have died as a result of BBL surgery and a video of her family confronting the doctor who did the surgery went viral, Anita Joseph sharing her views on that decided to advice ladies to be themselves than rush to do surgery to keep a man.

According to her, big Nyah’s doesn’t keep a man and even the BBL is a 50/50 chance that you will make it hence ladies should read and be careful out there so they don’t cause unnecessary complications for themselves.

Anita Joseph then shaded her colleagues who have gone under the knife after a fan said they are quiet because they all are carrying fake nyash saying it’s them and not her as her nyash is natural.

Screenshot below;


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