This is The Post Sam George Made That Got Afia Schwarzenegger Really Angry


Sam George has incurred the wrath of Afia Schwarzenegger for meddling in her online spat with bitterest foe Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay.

The young lawmaker who has attained much fame on social media for his vibrancy and penchant for jumping on anything trending online came across the distasteful comment Afia made about Delay whereby she used her supposedly barrenness as her artillery to get under her’s skin.

Recall that Afia had shared thus;

I don’t hate on a barren at 47, I PRAY for them. Nature is already dealing with you anaa u can’t see,sorry your life is delayed!!!WAWE P)T))….Abrabo mu F9. At your age No Child,No man to call your own and Menopause has set in so I understand your frustration…
By the way I’m busy paying university fees n tomorrow is P.T.A meeting..( you can’t say this about yourself).

The nxt rime you want to run your mouth look for your mates aka your fellow barrens.. Mothers are very busy people. When you meet responsible Mothers like me ask how much a Montessori fees cost n see how Useless you are as a woman to the society… Enjoying my hotel in Cannes…Help me tell your boss oh sorry my Ex.
Ps: if you don’t want to hear certain things dnt go looking for a mad woman’s trouble, I won’t call you Mother of twins.

To this end, the Ningo-Prampram Member of Parliament (MP) got curious and asked if indeed Delay is barren.

In any case, he said what the comedienne and actress said about the former Afia Schwarzenegger series creator is in a bad taste.

Sam had said;

But is she really barren? Is that a factual statement? Not as far as I know. Utterly distasteful commentary. Ah well, off to eat my chicken biryani with roti bread.

Consequently, Afia who did not want to have to any of that predictably dragged him, sending Twitter in flames once again. She shot back saying;

She wrote; Someone should warn and the word is warn Sam whatever George..As for me I will assist you to trend…I am warning you. If you don’t want a peaceful June try me!!!!. Social Media Mp,what’s your business in women’s fight?? Did you tell your wife before jumping in this gutter,? Its about to be a swimming competition in the gutters..TRY ME!!! You see the slaps your mouth earned you…use that same energy on your fellow men who slapped the living day light out of you on national TV.


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