‘I Will Not Work With Him Again’ – Music Producer Roro Calls Out Daddy Lumba For Owing Him


Roland Ackah popularly called Roro in the showbiz industry has called out Daddy Lumba for owing him and has vowed not to work with him again.

Buddy Roro also stated that any contractual arrangement between them will be canceled since he believes he has been swindled in previous negotiations.

“You will look for your dog when it gets lost so how much more somebody I worked with for five years, we travelled all over, we sit in a plane, then we go for a show and I fall sick in your face; he even promised he will let his doctors take care of me but after that, I didn’t hear from him” Buddy Roro revealed

In an interview on TV XYZ, he told Agyemang, “I will talk to him, but I will not work with him anymore. For talking, we can do that, but I will not work with him again”

Roro said, “You put me into a situation that makes me think about a lot of things”.

He claims Daddy Lumba didn’t attend to him when he was sick while they played a concert together, he never cared the least. According to Roro, Daddy Lumba really hurt him and makes him think a lot of things.


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