Feminists In Ghana Are Just Lonely Females Who Lack Love Because Of Their Disgusting Character – A Plus Shares Cryptic Message With Gifty Anti’s Photo


Controversial political activist Kwame A Plus has taken to his page to indirectly shade ace journalist Gifty Anti.

In a new write-up, A Plus has insinuated some people have been giving bad advise to young ladies in their 20s or even lesser than 20 years to make them have a perception about men. He emphasized that a lot of domestic and sexual abuse cases reported against men are not true but for publicity and to tarnish the image of men.

“If men don’t stop such people from lying to young ladies, in 20 years or less, men will be fighting for equal rights and the right to even exist. Many domestic and sexual abuse cases against men are fake. Just lies!! They just want to destroy men. Many women have become evil 😈

When they don’t have husbands they decide to look for power to abuse men by forming some useless groups.

Feminists in Ghana are just lonely females who lack love because of their suban bɔne!! Fight them back!!

A man is a man; the head of the house and everything!! Real men love and respect women who understand that a man and a woman are not the same!!!”

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