“Any Woman Whose Only Achievement Is Having Children Is Pathetic”-Chris Vincent Goes Hard At Afia Schwarzenegger For Calling Delay Barren


Ghanaian legal practitioner domiciled in the United Kingdom, Chris Vincent has berated the loud-mouthed Valentina Nana Ageyiwaa, well known as Afia Schwarzenegger for tagging her former buddy, Delay as barren.

This comes after Afia Schwarzenegger took to her Instagram page to rain insults on Delay. She crossed the line with her current beef with Delay by using barrenness as a weapon in her prolonged beef with the media personality.

Afia Schwarzenegger, who was brought to prominence by Delay, demonstrated her ungratefulness by slamming Delay for not having a child of her own or a man to keep her warm in bed. She went on to say that she is too preoccupied with her children to engage in pointless squabbles with Delay.

Her insensitive submissions attracted the attention of Chris Vincent who happens to have an unfinished business with her as he berates her for making such harsh comments against Delay.

In a post he made on Facebook, Chris Vincent stated that it was pointless for Afia Schwarzenegger to use barrenness as artillery to get under the skin of Delay because all living creatures undergo the same procedure during procreation just as humans do.

He added that Afia Schwarzenegger is pathetic to have used her ability to bear children of her own as an achievement against Delay in their ongoing scuffle.

He wrote; Any woman whose only value or achievement in life is having children is pathetic— childbirth is a natural occurrence—nothing special about that as dogs, cats and goats all give birth.If the definition of your existence is some children you have, then you are sad.A lot of people including Oprah choose not to follow the natural order of procreation.Some Africans are so myopic that their only value is some children they bring into this world—they don’t live for any other purpose.If children are that extensively valuable and special, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and the others changing the world would have 100 children. Ghana is full of lunatics with access to internet. —Chris-Vincent Agyapong

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