Your Brain Is Small Like That Of Shatta Bundle’s Shoe Madam Hater – Delay Claps Back At Afia Schwarzenegger


Deloris Frimpong Manso, Delay has clapped back at Afia Schwarzenegger indirectly saying she sees her brain as that of Shatta Bundle’s shoes based on what she’s doing.

Afia Schwarzenegger has been stepping on the toe of Delay by shading and insulting her directly or indirectly and the recent one is so absurd that some netizens blasted her for mocking Delay of being barren making her understand that children are a gift from God.

Delay as expected of her has clapped back at Afia Schwarzenegger calling her a hater saying the way she’s going about things and shading her, she sees her brain to be small as that of Shatta Bundle’s shoes.

According to her, she hasn’t seen what Afia Schwarzenegger is doing at att but then with this clap back, we believe the comedienne will reply because it really hurts to be told that your brain is small as that of the shoe size of a diminutive.

The fight between Afia Schwarzenneger and Delay goes way back and it was rekindled recently when Chairman Wontumi decided to hire Delay over Afia Schwarzenegger because of that pain has been fighting Delay directly and indirectly.


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