I Will Join Free Masons If They Allowed Women Like They Have In UK – Bridget Otoo


Ghanaian freelance journalist Bridget Otoo has bared intentions in being a part of Free Mason.

According to her, just as it’s done in the UK where women are taken in, she will be ready to join the society. Her decision comes while commenting on the reports that Free Masons are evil people.

Bridget couldn’t understand why people especially Ghanaians would have such a thought about the secret society.

She said “If Free masons allowed women like they have in the the UK .. I swear I would join!”.

Adding that “I’m very sure free masons roll their eyes when they see comments like these. I like them more cos they don’t bother to explain themselves. As Denzel Washington said “if you watch the news you are misinformed, if you do not watch you’re uninformed”

“Every society has secrets, that’s what makes it special! Then it should be free for all! I am a member of groups and are deeds aren’t public … that’s what makes it secret. Is secret evil? If I confide my illness to you in private is that not secret for you to keep?”

“Villagers- as soon you heard free mason is a secret society, you think they drink blood like you see in Nigerian movies. Abooowa kurasini.”


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