Wendy Shay Must Apologize To Ghanaian Men Over Surviva Song – DKB Says


Comedian DKB has asked Wendy Shay to apologize to Ghanaian men over her new song survival as he thinks it’s an attack on Ghanaian men in particular.

Wendy Shay in her song Survival used some vulgar words on a particular guy but DKB seems to think that her attack is on all men because she used the word Monkey which is basically a way the whites use to insult blacks.

According to him, he wanted to sample the new song of Wendy Shay but then got to found out that the song is an attack on Ghanaian men especially hence she has to apologize to Ghanaian men especially for using vulgar words on them.

When you listen to the song, you will realize that Wendy Shay didn’t use plural but rather singular which means she was directing her vulgar words to a particular guy and not Ghanaian men hence DKB asking her to apologize isn’t necessary.


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