Sandra Ankobiah Schools Troll Who Dragged Her For Posting A Photo Drinking ‘Afternoon Tea’


Ghanaian socialite Sandra Ankobiah has schooled a trolled who dragged her a few days ago over a photo she shared with the caption, “Afternoon tea with my sis”.

The troll identified as ‘Gistroom11′ and King 1m’ took to the comment section to troll the socialite for posting pictures to mount pressure on young ladies with her supposed, ‘Afternoon tea‘.

The troll commented saying, “lol mode3 nkwasia pressure saaa. Which one is afternoon tea eeeii afuom lawyer afternoon tea paaa”, with laughing emojis.

The lawyer has taken to her page to school the troll sharing definitions of what Afternoon tea is and how it originated. She shared screenshots from the internet to school the troll who mocked her for saying she was having an ‘afternoon tea’ with her sister.

I’ve come to realize people hate what they don’t know or understand. It’s okay to not know something, no one knows it all. But the mark of a wise person is to research and educate yourself. A simple question asked a search on Google or any search engine of your choice will go a long way to not make you look like an idiot. Sometimes it’s also a bitterness that clouds certain people’s vision and judgment. The hate, bitterness, and jealousy in their hearts make them unhappy and they look for every opportunity to project that hate and unhappiness unto people they perceive to be happy. I’m not the cause of your problems. Heal. Love and light, Sandra”.


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