Diana Hamilton has said that she issued a dare to God after numerous years of marriage with no child.


She reportedly informed God in a prayer during one of her studio sessions that she would not return to the studio until she became pregnant and gave birth.

Diana Hamilton, speaking on Sompa FM in Kumasi, stated

“I went to the studio to record and after the recording, the last thing I said was that he is the Lord who makes the barren give birth to twins.

When I got him, I told God that what I’ve been through was enough and that he should not make me go through any of such things and that if I don’t give birth, I’m not going back to the studio to sing to praise him. I told God that because I want him to know that I’m serious about what I said, I wrote my thanksgiving song. I wrote that song when I’d never missed my period.”

God’s light shone on her, she said, and she delivered twins. Many people were surprised by her pregnancy because she had been deemed barren.

In other news, Diana Antwi-Hamilton claimed she had no choice but to pursue a career in gospel singing. Being a gospel performer, she claims, was not a choice but a calling as a result of her connection with Christ.

Diana told Francis Abban on Morning Starr on Thursday. She said;

“I didn’t get up one day to say I want to be a gospel musician. I didn’t choose to be a singer. I didn’t have a choice. Because of my relationship with Christ, I had no choice but to share the gospel. With music, I didn’t need anyone to give me a chance; I was born to do this. “

“Any song I sing, I sing it from a place that I know. My songs are from a real place.”

She added, “I had a calling before I had a career. I used to come to Ghana for three days, record an album and shoot a video. Then I would use the week to promote the songs.


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