‘There Is No One To Help Me’ – Popular Kayamata Seller Jaruma Asks For Assistance From Hospital Bed


Hauwa Mohammed, also known as Jaruma, a self-proclaimed s3x therapist says she has been disregarded in a video shared via her Instagram.

The Kayamata vendor posted a video of herself in what looks to be a hospital bed, revealing that she is without assistance. She also detailed her most harrowing experience in Dubai before to migrating to Nigeria.

She asserted in her post that she is her parents’ only kid and that she has no friends or family to look after her.

She claims she feels alone in the world and is pleading for any form of help from her hospital bed.

She captioned the video;

The side of Jaruma that u have never seen before…

“I am an only child, no one to cry to, no one to help me, no shoulder to lean on therefore I feel so sad & I feel so alone…. Please pray for Jaruma.”

Here are some of the reactions which trailed down her post;

anisleekbeddings wrote: I can relate… Being an only child is not easy😢😢❤️❤️. The Lord is our strength hun 🥰. Be strong

nkem.golden had this to say: Quick recovery mami👏😍 I’m an only child as well sometimes it gets boring but i feel that’s how God wants it fr I’m good doh

bridalreign commented; The lord is your strength dear Jaruma you have always been a darling I had admire so much , your strength, also how you cares for others even when you don’t know them but I have to say, the lord is the only and true one to run to


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