Nigerians Applaud Ghanaians On How They Treated A Nigerian Guy Who Committed A Robbery In Ghana – VIDEO


One of the trending videos this week revolves around a Nigerian guy who committed a robbery in Ghana.

Most times, people who commit crimes in society are beaten to the point that some even die, however, that was not the case here.

This guy was made to desilt a filthy gutter and after he was done, he was given a local dish to replenish his energy. This has gotten some reactions from Nigerians who have seen the video and they are applauding Ghanaians for the love they showed to the guy.

Some reactions the video got are;

Yinks – One thing I know about my people is Humility,love and brother hood. Even when Ghanaians meet in foreign land they will never let their own suffer they will sort you out. That’s the only thing that has kept the small nation at peace in Africa. Love , Humility and kindness. Muslims and christians live together with no quarrels it’s all love. The boy is not a criminal he just desperate to survive.

Ogechi Ikechukwu – God bless them for saving our son not nigeria please we should learn from this ,those killing killing

Anthony Onaiwu Ikponmwonba – God bless the Ghanaians🙏. Main while the Nigerians are busy killing an innocent man all because of 100 Naira. I pray that the love of the Lord Almighty come upon our country Nigeria 🇳🇬 🙏.

Chikason Chimezie – Ghanians we thank una, God bless you people for keeping.his life

Ndison Felix – Charley, Ghana’s are peace loving creature, but the challenges are some Nigeria’s base in Ghana are just too troublesome..

Ruth Odianor Irabor – Abeg Ghanaians who na go recieve me If i come who na country, God bless your all ijn

Akinloye Thomas Akintola – Ghana is my favourite country in Africa, one love to all my Ghanaian word wide 💘💘💘

Arinze Lawrence Ezechi Ezechi – Ghanaian are very good people honestly.. today will mark it my 5years in Ghana.. very loving and love ghana♥️♥️

Gabriel A. Ehi – I’m just in tears at the same time happy and I thank Almighty God and the community people for giving this little boy a second chance in life.. may God bless all this people who temper justice with mercy.
Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
Mathew 5 vs 7.

Eletta Solomon Fola – I am speechless, thank you for the steps you took , Ghanaian great conutry great people.

Olataiwo Olataiwo – Thank you Ghana, may the almighty continue to lift una, if na Nigeria, sokoto people for don finish the boy with Stone and 🔥 fire

Abraham Lazarus – Ghanaians are very good people they treat and welcome people well, am even currently in Ghana . One Love ❤️

Patience Igben – If na my father land Nigeria they would have killed him , thank God , for my mother land Ghana, they know how to show Love to strangers.

Ayanda Makalima – God bless the country Ghana…. If it was Cape Town south Africa I swear he would have made it on video roosted I pray we act this kind to ppl in our country 🇿🇦 as well 🙌


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