Mercy Johnson’s Husband Prince Okojie Reveals They’re Building A House For The Family That Lost Their House


The husband of Mercy Johnson, Prince Okojie has disclosed that they’re building a house for the family that lost their house and are living in a place not good for people to live in.

Prince Okojie shared a video showing how quickly they’re putting things together to make sure these families whose predicament touched his heart after watching their video stay as where they are staying currently is nothing good for anyone to live in.

According to him, he’s yet to meet the family but wants to make sure the house is complete very soon and that is why he decided to let the world know of his good deeds on his birthday we pray he and his wife Mercy Johnson are blessed for their good deeds.

Prince Okojie made his political ambitions known weeks ago and we hope he helping this poor family get a place to sleep or have a roof over their head isn’t part of his political strategy but from his humanitarian side because that will attract more blessings.

On this special occasion in commemoration of my Birthday, I have begun the project of putting a roof over the head of a family I’m yet to know and meet as their sad story touched me when I saw their predicament as posted by a good samaritan, Prophet Great Ehiagwina on the internet a few days ago. To have a family loose their shelter to the forces of natural disasters is a terrible experience. There are many more families wallowing in such suffering and hardships all around us and we, by the Grace of God, who have the means to assist these persons in unfortunate situations like this must not abandone them to their fate. Nobody deserves to be homeless. Little efforts geared towards humanity whether in our little individual ways or collaborated effort goes a long way.


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