Girls And Hiding Their Age – Check Out Davido’s Daughter Imade’s Reply When Asked Of Her Age 


Girls love hiding their ages and we think it’s something you can’t take away from them as Davido’s daughter Imade gives a savage reply when asked of her age during her birthday.

Yesterday was the birthday of Imade and her father along with a few close pals were with her in her room to sing her a happy birthday song in which she was asked her age but a girl will always be a girl hence replied to them savagely asking why they want to know.

Most ladies feel shy or don’t want to mention their correct age when asked and we thought it was only with the adults who have been forming big but guess it’s something with all women based on Imade’s reply.

Imade has made us know that even young girls don’t like mentioning their age like that and we have concluded that it’s something with girls no matter the age and that can’t be taken away from them as a 7yrs old girl like Imade shouldn’t have issues with mentioning her age.

The birthday party of Imade turned out to be a great one as his father and gang and a few friends along with her own friends and her mother’s all pulled up for her and we believe she had a very good time celebrating her birthday.


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