Caring Too Much About What People Think Of You Is Useless – Tonto Dikeh Says After Mocking Her Ex


After making fun of her ex-boyfriend Prince Kpokpogri over his house being demolished, Tonto Dikeh has made another post saying caring about what people think about you is useless.

Tonto Dikeh made fun of her ex-boyfriend Prince Kpokpogir after hearing about the demolishing of his house and even went ahead to say that there’s no way she’s going to stop mocking or making fun of him because of what he has done to her in the recent past.

Most people who were expecting her to sympathize with him no matter how bad their relationship ended started criticizing her with some even accusing her of being the brain behind the demolishing of Prince Kpokpogri’s house.

Tonto Dikeh in another post replied to all those accusing her of that saying caring too much about what people think of you is useless and that simply means that she doesn’t care about what people think about her because of her actions.

According to her, most people don’t even know what they think of themselves hence caring about what they think of you is totally useless and that’s why she’s not going to bother herself about their thoughts.


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