Taaooma Reveals The Person Who Inspires Most Of Her Skits


Sensational Nigerian comic actor and content creator, Maryam Apaokaji better known as Taaooma, has opened up about her life.

Taaooma claims that several of her acts are inspired by her mother.

Speaking to renowned media personality, Nancy Isime, in an exclusive interview, Taaooma stated that she gets ideas for her skits anytime she is around her mother.

When asked what or who inspires her skits, Taaooma answered, “My mum. Whenever I’m around her, she gives me -unknowingly- a lot of stories; a lot of things, yeah.”

She also stated that she gets ideas from everyday events that occur in her environment.

Taaooma also mentioned that performing a skit on stage would be challenging for her because she would have to play up to seven or eight characters.

“It’s going to be difficult for me to act out a skit on stage because I’m like seven or eight characters. If I was this person where it’s differentiated, it’s going to be nice… I might but, right now, it’s not on my mind,” the comedienne said.

 Taaooma furthered that she had no idea what she would have ventured into if she hadn’t pursued comedy.

Speaking of her childhood ambitions, she said, “I wanted to be a doctor. Later, I changed it to a lawyer. I got to university and was offered Tourism, which I actually love. I do love it. It’s a good course. It’s good if you love adventure.”


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