I Feel Bad For Telling My Sister To Remain Silent About Her Abusive Marriage For Years — Dancer Obidi’s Sister


Nancy Umeh, the sister of popular Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi has expressed regrets for keeping mute over Korra’s abusive marriage.

The speculations of a divorce between Korra Obidi, and her husband, Doctor Justin Dean, are not a joke.

Dean, an American chiropractor, and sports therapist, recently divorced his wife, Obidi, only days after their second child was born.

Nancy Umeh said she feels so bad for not urging Korra Obidi to speak out and let the world know what she was going through at the hands of Justin Dean in their marriage for years.

Nancy Umeh accused Justin Dean of beating Korra Obidi several times and destroying her mobile devices and she blames herself for how things turned out.

Reacting to her commentary;

Vicalluxity wrote; ‘When Korra would have spoken was since…Now its like they are disturbing people with their stories. She would have spoken up when her husband started bashing her online, but she kept quiet. Now what do we do this story?’

Presly Ogu also wrote; ‘Not in support in Justin quiting the marriage when kora needed him to raise up a newborn. Neither I’m a a fan of American visa husband not a fan the American race but Asian race. All I’m saying if they claim to say this man Justin was never a good husband till date how come kora stayed and still had 2 solid children with him.. y’all get off this media popularity stuff. I’m a holder in mass communication and I know what the media is all about. Let go and stop saying you have a story to tell when there’s no actual story to tell.. divorce in peace and let peace Reign…’


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