Don’t Downplay The Hustle Of Other Artists In Other To Support Mavin, It’s Not The Mavin Way – Don Jazzy To Fans


Don Jazzy, a popular music producer, has informed fans not to chide other artists in order to support Mavin.

Tweeting to express his displeasure with fans mocking another artist in order to support another, the popular music producer and musician has asked them to stop.

If fans believe that the only way they can promote Mavin Records is by mocking other artists and trivializing their hustle or success, Don Jazzy advises them to keep their support to themselves.

He went on to say that, while some people like making fun of others, it is not the Mavin way, and that they are content with their small fan following.

He wrote;

If ur only way to support Mavin is by hating on or downplaying a colleague’s hustle & success, then pls keep ur support to yourself. I know some of u derive pleasure from that sh*t, but that’s not the Mavin way. We go manage our little fan base that’s genuinely happy for others.


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