Lady Shares Her Encounter With An Audacious Married Man


A Nigerian lady identified as Lois Truly has taken to social media to share an encounter she had with a married man.

Lois Truly revealed via her Twitter page that the man whose identity she did not disclose had finished talking to his wife on the phone and turned to her and asked for her number.

According to her, the married man praised his wife in front of her saying ‘That was my lovely wife. I don’t know what I’ll do without that woman’.

Lois urged women to learn from audacity of men because she could not fathom how a man will proudly talk about his wife to another woman and go further to ask for her number.

Reacting to her narration on Instagram, one @cherishmie wrote; ‘So you just assumed he wants to cheat with you because??What if they need a babysitter of househelp🙄

See more reactions below;

agimmorelli wrote; ‘How does can i get your number make him a cheating man? What if you guys can help each other business wise? Some Women and JUMPING into conclusions

lulusmooth: You should’ve told him you can’t give him, because his wife is a nice person and is not right to share contact with a married man if is not business.

thevillagechief wrote; ‘Maybe he wanted your number for his brother . So you can be his brother’s own lovely wife 🙈’

sirpascal wrote;’Man loves his wife so much …reminder to you can’t be more than hen to him 😂😂


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