Businesswoman Calls Out Employee For Refusing To Open Her Shop On Public Holidays 


A businesswoman has been spotted in a viral video lamenting about the poor worth ethics of her salesgirl who refused to open her shop for two whole days simply because it was a holiday.

In the video, the claims that her salesgirl happens to be a Christian, and as such, she has personally given her a public holiday on Easter Monday but she is to continue working until further notice.

However, during the Eid Mubarak celebrations, the salesgirl refused to open the shop for two whole days and never issued a tangible reason for her decision to vacate the shop for a whole two days without permission from her employer.

She revealed that she does not owe the salesgirl any salary since she has always been prompt with her payment, secondly she disliked the type of clothes she wore to work so she shopped for new clothes for her and she asked her to open the shop at 8 AM and close at 6 PM but her employee chose to flout her regulations.

The lady then advised other business owners to be mindful of who they hand over their job to due to the distressing condition her employee has subjected her to.

Meanwhile, a middle-aged man identified as Johnson Monday Achiso has reportedly been arrested by the Enugu Zonal Command of The National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) for inflicting wounds on his kids with a hammer and a knife.

Johnson Monday Achiso was arrested after a concerned neighbor tipped off the authorities about his outrageous actions against the kids.

A statement issued by the agency revealed that the suspect believed to be a Togolese has been inflicting grievous wounds on his kids constantly with the above-mentioned weapons.

At the time of filing this report, the motive behind his action could not be ascertained. However, while the children have been rescued and are currently at the NAPTIP Shelter for comprehensive rehabilitation, the suspect is at the holding center of the Agency undergoing further interrogation with the aim of unraveling the reason behind his grievous action.


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