Married Man And His lover Die During Bedroom Moment In Lagos


At Jakande Estate in Isolo, Lagos, a married man and his lover were discovered dead while having intercourse in a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV).

The Nation, neighbors discovered the couple’s deaths on Sunday, May 1, after observing that the vehicle had been running since Saturday night, April 30.

The man has been confirmed as Koyejo, and he is claimed to have picked up his nameless lover in Isolo on his way to his family’s estate in Jakande.

The married Computer engineer, who lives with his wife in Surulere, is said to have called his buddies to let them know he was nearby and then purchased suya before parking at Double Star Junction to have some pleasure inside the car.

They grew suspicious after seeing that his vehicle, with the registration number EPE666GE, had been parked in the same position from Saturday night to Sunday night, according to a source.

he source said;

“By the time they put on their touch light, they saw it was Koyejo, our former guy. But we do not know who the girl was.

“It was this evening that we were told he went to pick the girl at Isolo. They bought suya at Moshalashi bus stop. One thing led to another and they started making love in the car.

“Nobody knows what killed them. Koyejo was naked while the girl only pulled her tight.

“One of the men in our zone called Koyejo”s wife who lives at Surulere. She said she had been unable to reach her husband since Saturday that his phone had been switched off.

“We had to contact policemen at Ejigbo who came to take them away with the car. Koyejo’s body had started peeling. The girl’s nose was bringing out blood.

“There was no injury on them. Ony the Police can tell what happened. They took them to Isolo General Hospital”


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