Open Your Marriages If Your Wife Cannot Satisfy Your Inner Room Needs — Actress Mary Njoku Advises Men


Nollywood actress, Mary Remmy Njoku has urged married men to open their marriage if their wife cannot satisfy their inner room needs.

According to Mary Remmy Njoku when you have an open marriage, with your wife’s blessing, you can have peace of mind to discreetly share your ‘talent’ with the world while she quietly and respectfully helps herself too with your blessing.

To Mary, being with one man for the rest of your life as a wife is boring, but she loves you too much to complain.

However, she underlined that at all times, the couple has to work together as she notes that it is amazing what a couple can achieve when you are working together.

This comes on the heels of Yul Edochie’s declaration of a child with a new second wife, with whom he secretly married.

Below are a few reactions;

oonyekachi wrote; ‘At least as you are eating ogbono and mixing it with okro, allow your wife eat fried rice, jollof, plantain, moimoi and salad 😂 peace of mind no pass like this’

therealbeebe wrote; ‘Something I can do. If you like let’s not talk about it. If you Start rubbish, I will help you play it well. Teach you how it’s done under your roof. You won’t say pim. You would be wondering if it’s this type of woman you married. I’m more like a chameleon. I reciprocate every of your action’

behemain wrote; ‘😂 a partner who cheats without consent has already opened the marriage sef. This is why I never ever blame the cheating partner of a cheat… It’s fair already.

the akinsola wrote; Yup!! The truth is that men cannot take what they dish and the idea of being in an ethical non-monogamous relationship is one they cannot grasp!! They’d rather be the only one to explore because “men will be men”


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